Do you know your customers?

Let us introduce you to them.
Use Your WiFi

Use your WiFi to know your customers and create a complete client database, allowing you to automatically send messages and promote your products or services.

Reward or Bring Back

Frequent visitors deserve a gift? New visitors deserve a discount? A client doesn’t visit you for more than 30 days? Reward and bring back your clients by simply setting Wipanto’s backoffice to send a particular perk to a target group.


Visit History & Details with a
complete list of information like name, age, gender, location,
all the visits with details on the device, OS and browser used.  Know everything about your customers and provide a better service to them.


How it works

Start fast

You can start fast by plugging in our device into the existing router, accessing your back office and choosing your preferences.

Plan and execute

Use the information collected to plan, execute and manage marketing actions for different target groups. Promote products/services and increase the number of reviews. 

Users Database

Wipanto allows stores to know who their customers are, manage their contacts, keep track of their visit history, the time they spent there, among many other things. Turn new customers into frequent ones by creating actions/promotions directed to the new visitors and making them wanting to come back

Coming Soon

Integration with the most relevant CRMs and email providers

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